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Tuber Aestivum


EXTRA CLASS - Tuber Aestivum - mostly used for VIP's
Large (like a walnut) - from 4 to 7cm (80g ~ )
Odor intensity is from 3.5 to 5, fresh and very sharp aroma
Intact whole tuber of even shape, no deep crevices, intact exterior, and typical saturated color.

FIRST CLASS - Tuber Aestivum - mostly used in the restaurants
Medium (like a medium size olive) - from 2 to 4cm (15-80g)
Odor intensity is from 2 to 3.5, fresh aroma
This class мay include whole pieces of any shape, minimum 50% of the surface is covered by skin, typical color.

SECOND CLASS - Tuber Aestivum - mostly used on the markets
Small (like a pea grain) - from 1 to 2cm (1-15g)
Odor intensity is from 1 to 2, the aroma is acceptable, but may vary
Cut / wholes or broken pieces, which surface is covered by at least 25 % skin. Color may vary.

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